Urethral Burning + Irritation

Urethral Burning + Irritation Laser Treatment

Are you impacted by a burning sensation in your urethra or feeling pain each time you pee? That is never fun. When you dread each time you have to pee for fear that it will burn, it’s time to visit Dr. Murphy and his team.

In the past, certain types of chronic urethral burning and overactive bladder symptoms were very difficult to treat but Dr. Murphy is at the forefront of offering relief using Fotona Intraurethral laser technology in selected cases and has had significant success


Our highly trained pelvic floor physiotherapists offer pelvic floor physiotherapy and Fotona IntimaLase laser treatment.

Dr. Murphy is one of the first practitioners in Canada to offer direct, intra-urethral laser treatment for certain types of urethral burning and irritation, urinary incontinence and overactive bladder symptoms. 

Our procedure is designed to be gentle and painless. It’s simple, non-surgical, requires no special preparation, and only takes a few minutes to complete.

This treatment is often combined with our intra-vaginal laser which is used to treat incontinence, vaginal dryness or thinning due to menopause.



The IncontiLase procedure is painless, with no bleeding, or stitches. 

Recovery is extremely quick – without the need for painkillers or antibiotics – which means you can immediately resume your normal activities.


In many cases, our patients enjoy immediate relief, with additional treatments required about six months to a year after the initial procedure. The treatment takes less than ten minutes and is completely painless. For optimal results, we recommend three initial sessions and one yearly maintenance session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are one of the leading causes of painful urination. However, there are other conditions that may also cause a burning sensation which may be treatable by laser. Our helpful team will determine the best treatment plan for you. Book a free consultation today.

The cost is $600.00 per session + tax. Up to three sessions may be required.

Our team will discuss options with you and come up with an individualized care plan based on your needs. Reach out to us today to get started.

This is not covered by Medicare and is an out-of-pocket expense for patients. We will provide a letter you can submit to your insurance provider or Health Benefits account manager. We do not submit to insurance companies directly. However, you may be eligible for a medical expense tax deduction. Be sure to check with your accountant to see if you qualify.