Laser Labiaplasty

Most women aren’t born with perfect genital symmetry and that’s okay. Nobody is the same and there is no standard for cosmetic perfection. We embrace all variations of the human body but we also understand that sometimes the asymmetrical parts such as significantly uneven labia may cause discomfort, irritation, and chafing while running, bike riding or other physical activities.

If that sounds like something you experience, you may want to consider labiaplasty wherein your labia are either reduced in size or shaped to be more symmetrical.


Recovery from laser labiaplasty is faster than traditional surgery. Our procedure is simple, and safe.

With more than three decades of experience in urogynecology, Dr. Murphy uses two Fotona laser systems to shape and trim labia for optimal results so you can look and feel like your best self.

We recommend scheduling a free consultation with Dr. Murphy for more in-depth information about this procedure using our revolutionary laser technology.

The procedure itself will be done at the beautiful Mount Royal Surgical Centre (Mount Royal Surgical – Premier Private Surgical Facility in Calgary, Alberta).

Speak to our team of knowledgeable professionals who will help determine the best treatment options for you.


Recovery from laser labiaplasty is far faster than traditional surgery. You should be ready to resume your normal activities within two to three weeks.


Increased confidence and the elimination of irritation and discomfort caused by uneven labia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many women are surprised to find that they feel very little pain, saying they typically only experience mild and manageable discomfort for up to one week after the procedure. Most women feel completely recovered within a few weeks after the procedure.

The cost of a Labioplasty will be discussed after an in-person consultation.

This is not covered by Medicare and is an out-of-pocket expense for patients.