Painful Intercourse Treatment

Painful Intercourse Laser Treatment

Nothing is more frustrating than feeling uncomfortable before, during or after intimate moments. Painful intercourse has several causes, two of the most common being the narrowing of the vaginal opening and/or a thinning of vaginal walls called vaginal atrophy. When the vaginal walls start thinning, it can lead to dryness and irritation.

Generally, these conditions are caused by a lack of estrogen and a decline in the elasticity of vaginal collagen.

Our revolutionary Erbium laser protocol, supplemented with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is an effective treatment for this life altering problem. Maintenance involves only a quick once a year treatment, instead of having to insert creams or tablets in your vagina numerous time a week, forever.

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Dr. Murphy offers the Fotona RenovaLase system and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to treat painful intercourse symptoms.

Dr. Murphy offers a few options; the Fotona RenovaLase system, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and, if appropriate, a professional-grade dilation tool called the VSculpt Pro.

The Fotona RenovaLase system frees you from taking pills or using messy vaginal creams and it was designed for survivors of breast cancer or endometrial cancer who cannot take estrogen– making it a safe, and holistic treatment option.

In our clinic, treating painful intercourse involves three (20-minute) initial sessions and one yearly maintenance session for optimal results. Our clinic also offers the World PRP (platelet-rich plasma) add-on which gives a boost of nutrients to your tissues as well. PRP can be combined with your laser treatment for enhanced and quicker results.


The treatment is an efficient and safe procedure, eliminating the need for long-term estrogen administration and requires little to no downtime.


The vast majority of our patients experience a significant reduction in vaginal dryness, irritation and pain during and after sex which means that you can reclaim your sex life and start finding joy in your most intimate moments again.

Frequently Asked Questions

After childbirth and throughout menopause, painful intercourse is often associated with changes from decreased estrogen levels. During menopause, vaginal tissues become less elastic, more fragile, and more likely to bleed, tear or cause pain during sexual activity.

After receiving the Fotona RenovaLase procedure the vast majority of women in the menopausal stage experienced a significant reduction in vaginal dryness, irritation and pain during intercourse.

Initial series of three sessions: $2,600.00 (total for the three sessions) + tax.

Annual follow-up treatment: $700.00 + tax.

This is not covered by Medicare and is an out-of-pocket expense for patients. We will provide a letter you can submit to your insurance provider or Health Benefits account manager. We do not submit to insurance companies directly. However, you may be eligible for a medical expense tax deduction. Be sure to check with your accountant to see if you qualify.