VSculpt PRO

VSculpt Pro - vaginal dilator, toner and rejuvenator

Our clinic sells the VSculpt Pro, a vaginal dilator, toner, rejuvenator, and more. This extra powerful Health Canada-approved and certified medical device is obtainable online, but we offer this to our clients directly for the same price. 

Many women benefit from vaginal dilation, especially after surgery for prolapse, menopause, or if sexual intercourse becomes painful as a result of vaginal dryness and decreases elasticity. We understand that women may not be comfortable discussing these issues with their doctor, but we’re here to break that stigma. Unfortunately, we see women in our practice who have given up on sex years, even decades ago, because it was painful and unenjoyable. We’re always sad to hear when a patient says that they gave up on sex long ago when we have the tools to treat them. 

When a woman tells us that she feels ‘dry,’ we know that it is often a result of atrophy (loss of structural elastic qualities and thinning of the vaginal walls). This develops insidiously in most women as they approach menopause. Less severe cases can also occur in any state where estrogen levels decrease, like during breastfeeding. We have seen far too many cases through the years of failed marriages or non-intimate relationships because of this. 

The good news is that these problems are treatable, and we are here to help. Local estrogen is one way; vaginal laser technology is another and is fast becoming popular worldwide because of the multiple extra benefits laser treatment provides and VSculpt Pro.

VSculpt Pro is the medical strength model of the VSculpt device. A cheaper model is available online, but only the Pro has been certified and approved as a medical device with proven benefits. Our clinic carries only the Pro model. 

Here is a direct link to learn more: ​​https://www.clarionmedical.com/en-CA/Divisions/Gynecology/Home-Use-Solutions/vSculpt-PRO

We recommend it as an adjunct device to complement our highly effective laser and PRP treatments; however, the VSculpt Pro is also clinically proven to be an effective solo treatment.

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